We develop, validate and market therapeutic digital solutions to meet unfulfilled medical needs.

Kerubin guarantees the highest quality assistance to house-bound patients suffering from chronic illnesses, and contributes to the improvement of their well-being.

We use the most advanced technology to involve patients in their course of treatment: Kerubin offers the patient a simple and streamlined interaction and offers their medic the relevant information for improved assistance.

The devices at the user’s disposal are designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with treatments and standard procedures together with a health professional.

Kerubin is capable of handling multiple diseases and follows an approach of self-reporting, which allows the patient to take part in the assistance procedure, expressing their subjectiveness. Kerubin integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Machine Learning to provide both the doctor and the patient with relevant data and information to assess the risk of a disease’s progression and other adverse events.

Kerubin was conceived as a Therapeutic Device, but is projected to become a bona fide Digital Therapy.

Ideated for both Public and private Health Facilites, Kerubin makes it possible to monitor the home care patient, guaranteeing adherence to the treatment and preparing pharmacovigilance reports of any potential adverse events of the patient’s drug prescriptions.

The Medic and Case Manager, can access Kerubin from their places of work through a web application, and have a dashboard monitor at their disposal, which can even be used on-the-go.

Instead, the Patient and Caregiver use the Kerubin App, designed with the specific criteria of simplicity and ease of use in mind in order to encourage regular use of the app even by those technologically inexperienced. The Kerubin App works on all smartphone models and does not require additional devices.

features of kerubin platform scheme

Kerubin guarantees the Medic a precise oversight of the patient, putting all the information relating to their state of health and prescribed medication at their disposal in a simple and intuitive format.

The patient, alongside the caregivers, takes part in the therapy, y inserting all of the requested information - or the information they deem relevant - into the App, within the context that encourages them to insert only the data required by the doctor for monitoring purposes. The practice of self-reporting makes the patient an active protagonist in their course of treatment allowing for a constant interaction in real-time with the Health System.

Kerubin utilizes Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyse the data uploaded onto the platform, and in exchange offers suggestions, alerts, and information with the patient, medic and researcher.

To both public and private healthcare companies, Kerubin offers an engagement and loyalty programme for home care patients and their family members reassuring them by making them feel constantly checked-on by the Medical Team, with the help of a friendly and easy-to-use technological device. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Care Pathway (DTCP) is realized with tools that support and facilitate assistance and that grant the patient 24h access to the platform’s services, thus improving the standards of assistance and reducing the need for recourse to ambulance and emergency room services.