One of Kerubin's objectives is to provide health authorities with a tool that favours the Territory - Hospital - Territory (THT) relationship and the implementation of the Diagnostic Therapeutic Assistance Pathways (PDTA)

For this reason, OPT - an established consultancy company in the Healthcare sector – which is very focused on the design and validation of PDTAs is a natural partner for Kerubin, both for the clarification of methodological aspects and for the very broad implications that Kerubin will have in terms of training. 

For its part, OPT sees in Kerubin the possibility of further enhancing its consulting work, through a targeted use of innovative technologies.

OPT is a management consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of Governance Models for public and private healthcare companies. OPT is an ECM Provider, ranked 5th place in the list of Italian "Best ECM Providers", FSC section, year 2019.

OPT supports healthcare companies by helping to simplify and automate clinical-organizational decision-making processes through:

  • planning of consultancy and training in healthcare with high added and measurable value, throughout the national territory and in every specialist area;
  • direct relationship with stakeholders, institutions, public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, trade associations;
  • consultancy in the development of healthcare systems for the "digitization of processes" that facilitate the interfaces between the various agents (GP-PLS-Territory Specialist-Hospital and Patient Specialist);
  • consultancy in the development of healthcare systems for monitoring clinical / organizational performance with the goal of improving efficiency and activating decision support systems (DSS);
  • ECM accredited distance training with certified technology for Webinar and Videoconferencing;
  • support in the implementation of Health Management Systems compliant with ISO 9001.